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I have more than 15 years of experience in website design and web design solutions. I specialize in interactive design and always had at heart to dream, imagine and design original digital solutions for the web. I stay up to date about new trends, shifts and effective ways to engage people while all the time looking for sources of inspiration, so my customers will receive the best solution for their intended web experience.

_Website Projects
Theater red chairs, for The Cameri Theatre of Tel-Aviv webdesign


Webdesign for The Cameri Theater of Tel-Aviv, One of the leading theaters in Israel. [Subcontractor]

Head of a pigeon, for Combatants for peace web design

Combatants For Peace

Website design that showcases their events and activities while providing information about their vision.

Noahide World Center

Website design that showcases the organization activities while providing information about their vision and values.

Satellite view of the Mediterranean Sea shores at night for KKL International design.

KKL International

Specially edited web and newsletter design including a weekly video edition and the most important, interesting and exciting stories.

Illustration of waves on a world map with Israel marked in a red dot, for KKL today design.

KKL Today

Design and develop of an online weekly newsletter report and a complementary search driven private website.

Zmatar – Zeev Matar Arch.

Website design for an Architect and an agent, supplier and consultant of covering materials for public and private projects.


Web design for a local web portal with all that you need to live well, from news to fashion through design, food, travel and relationships.


Web design for a centrist and liberal Israeli political party.

New Vision

Website design for an Israeli based, special event-design and production company, specializing in conceptual events.

You can watch more projects at my Webdesign or Identity design archives.

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