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_Meet Oren Kwintner

I am a creative and imaginative designer who specializes in UI and Interaction design.

A Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design graduate.

In 2004 I’ve founded my own independent studio, OKdesign, where I specializes in UI, interaction and webdesign and visual identity development. I am driven by creating effective, vibrant and fresh things that people interact with and love to push the design boundaries and explore new ideas that will ensure my clients success and satisfaction.

I help my clients bring their marketing dreams to life!

_Knowing The Ropes

I aim to create elegant designs that works on an intellectual and emotional level. I research and read widely about best-practice design processes and strategies, usability and user experience patterns to improve my understanding and skill-base.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have a prolific creative closed ecosystem, and so I have the passion and ability to go back to the well and come up with better and even greater ideas. Still, I stay up to date about new trends, shifts and effective ways to engage people.