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_User Interface (UI) Design
_Interaction & Motion
_Branding and illustrations
15 years of design and consulting for companies and individuals.
_Some of the clients I worked with
my success lies in the simplicity of my approache.
_My approach

“Imagination Is The Only Weapon In The War Against Reality”

I’m driven to create experiences, believing whatever you imagine, logical or not, is possible by mixing creativity and a ton of passion. My design process is informed by close attention to details, contemporary trends and best practice experience.

 My routine in each design begins with strategic thinking and professional project management. Understanding the challenge my clients face when trying to stand out from the crowd with an individual style, I see every project as an opportunity to deliver unique, innovative and creative solutions through the design process. 

Webdesign and Infographics for ICL 2017 advanced corporate responsibility Online report. [Subcontractor]
Newsletter Design for the Expo exhibition in Milan, showing activities and accomplishments.

I believe in a responsible approach to time keeping and have a habit of being prompt.

_KKL Today
Design and development of an online, search driven, private report system and a complementary weekly newsletter.
visual language + logo and an innovative design for a weekly multi-language newsletter.
UI element design for a shopping cart abandonment solutions service.
UI design for a revenue discovery and recovery platform.

I have a strict design attitude and the ability to solve problems while considering the realities constraints of a project.

Logo design for a digital freight-forwarding service of an international shipping and customs brokerage company, based in Italy.
Website redesign for a non-violence organization of Israelis and Palestinians who believe and act in peace.
Front and back ends UI design for a registration system for educational institutions.
UI design for a professional networking IT service for the freight industry.

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